Learning from SAFe in 2020

The Most Important Learnings from SAFe in 2020

SAFe 5.0 was launched a little over a year ago. A new version dedicated to business agility: making whole companies more flexible and agile, ready for change at a moment's notice. Because the world is constantly changing, and you need to change with it if you want to be able to compete. 2020 gave us a perfect example.


While many companies always assumed big changes wouldn't just happen overnight, COVID-19 has shown us otherwise. The global pandemic proves that flexibility and agility are not simply important, but essential to survival. Organizations everywhere are working to find creative ways to adapt to their new circumstances. 

Moving Online

For SAFe, it means that all our training programs are now conducted online for the first time. For me as a trainer, it means that instead of flying all over the world, I work from my home office – sometimes teaching in the middle of the night to accommodate multiple time zones. One participant might be finishing up their breakfast while the other is ready for a nightcap.

Virtual Classroom

Online training programs can be as valuable as in-person programs, but they do require some adjustment. Because group interaction is essential to success, we need to be fully present. Turning on your webcam is a must, for example. And since we don't get to walk in together or spend our breaks in the same room, we need to actively create space for social talk and networking.


With the end of the pandemic not yet in sight and most of us spending the majority of our time at home in front of our screens, let's try to make it through in one piece. My advice to both trainers and participants? Do your best to separate and balance your work and private life as best you can. And most of all: add a dose of humour to keep it light!



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