“The outcome is key, not the method.”

The first speaker to present a case on January 25t, 2021 at our upcoming event Agile@Scale is Rick van Benten, of telecoms conglomerate VodafoneZiggo. Offering a peek into his planned narrative, he says: “I wanted the desired outcome to lead us, rather than just unbox a method.”


“Agility is a good thing for big business to pursue; there’s no doubt in my mind there. But if the framework that’s supposed to get you there becomes the goal rather than a means, you could implement all the roles and rituals you want – and still not have much to show for.

Several frameworks in place

“When I began at VodafoneZiggo there were several frameworks in various stages of maturity at different parts of the company. People were struggling with organizational clarity at times – seeing the wood for the trees, if you will. Rather than toss out the child with the bathwater, I wanted to keep what worked, and leverage the valuable lessons learned so far. So, we introduced our own VodafoneZiggo Agile Way of Working: Collaboration@Work.

A rose is a rose is a rose!

“More concretely, I wanted an approach that would end talk of ‘my framework is better than yours’ as well as the losses in translation between frameworks. If someone from a SAFe ART wants to call it a Program Increment and someone from a Spotify Tribe wants to call it a Quarter, does it really matter? I think it doesn’t.” In the end they both recognize the power of cadence. This we harnessed and incorporated in our way of working.

Climbing the mountain

I’m going to present the work we’ve done over the past years as a mountain climb. We started by precisely describing the flag we aim to plant at the top. What’s the purpose, what’s the goal? Then, the preparations we went through. Finally, the actual climb we’ve been in so far. Different elements at the company move at different speed, and we have not reached the summit yet – but overall it’s a tale of steady progress.”

More from Rick van Benten?

Rick van Benten will present his case story from VodafoneZiggo at Agile@Scale, the upcoming remote event on January 25, 2021, for pioneers in all frameworks that advance Agility in large corporate environments. Ticket sales are picking up, so get yours today if you want to join!


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