The three roles of an Agile Coach, pt. 1: The Enterprise Agile Coach

Foundational Agile thinker and author Lyssa Adkins breaks down Agile Coaching into three roles: Team Facilitator, Agile Coaching, and Enterprise Agile Coaching. Agile Coach Trainer Renate Cremer offers a deep-dive into the unique intricacies of each role beginning with the Enterprise Agile Coach.


What is an Enterprise Agile Coach?

“To summarize what Enterprise Agile Coaching, I’d say what they really do is ‘connect the dots’ between the different parts of an organizations. Let’s take a hypothetical insurance organization, if that organization wants to build new facilities and internal infrastructure for communicating with customers. It would be the Enterprise Agile Coaches role to consider how does this venture impact the business side of the organization, or finance, or customer compliance.

“It is their role to finding solutions which bring value to customer and bring together all the practices involved in bringing that value. The Enterprise Agile Coach specializes in looking at an organization at a large-scale, looking at how to bring all its different parts to work together to be most effective to bring real measurable value.”


What does an Enterprise Agile Coach offer?

“As an Enterprise Agile Coach you can bring a unique long-term, strategic mindset to an organization. They often specialize in understanding how organizations are run, and bring a business mindset, able to bring together all the different parts of an organization, strategy, investment, funding, impact analysis, to develop an organization further and make it more ‘future proof.’ ”

“They often work to develop and mature a wide variety of new venture and pilots which will keep an organization competitive in the long-term. Whether new entrepreneurial pilots, or new initiatives, Enterprise Agile Coaches are the ones to call when trying to push your organization into the future in line with current limitations and solutions.”


Who should become an Enterprise Agile Coach

“While all Agile Coaches should keep a foot in each of the three discipline, however Enterprise Agile Coaches often come from a different background in an organization and strategic environment. You will be working more on a managerial layer, more strategist than coach. So someone who is skilled with portfolio management and organizational strategy would excel as an Enterprise Agile Coach.”

“Despite this focus on the higher levels of an organization, I want to really emphasize how it isn’t necessarily any more or less important than the other roles, and you will have to deal with unique challenges. Often you will find yourself dealing with management and executives who are resistant to change and passing decision making to their teams, or you will have to wade through the ‘politics’ between different departments within an organization. Enterprise Agile Coaching really requires someone diplomatic, and someone who can effectively communicate between different groups like stakeholders, teams, and management to coordinate them together.


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Is Enterprise Agile Coaching for you?

“If you think Enterprise Agile Coaching is for you, then you need to sit down and really assess if your someone who likes looking at the ‘big picture,’ and coordinating the work of various groups in and out of the organization.”

If this sounds like you then check out Gladwell Academy’s Post-HBO Agile Coach (in Dutch) or Agile Coach Bootcamp, both which will leave you a certified Enterprise Agile Coach. If you you are intrigued by what else being an Agile Coach entails stay tuned to learn more about


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