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The train is coming : ‘RTE in a Week’

What happens when you combine RTE-training with the RTE-Summit? You get the completely immersive “RTE in a Week”-course: combining theory and practice, learning and networking.


“RTE in a Week” is your way of capitalizing on the annual RTE Summit. It is a unique opportunity to mingle with RTE’s from different industries and gain insights in the hands-on approach of their impact in their respective businesses. During the Summit, RTE’s from the banking, automotive, manufacturing and many other industries will share their challenges in aligning multi-disciplinary teams, conflicting timelines and best practices. Following the Summit, you continue the insight and learnings at the RTE-course to prepare you for official RTE qualification.


It is the ideal learning curve, understanding the practical application to the theory, ensuring an easy and quick understanding of the course materials. “The biggest motivator for me as an RTE and as Summit Chairman, is to learn from each other on how to set up, run and improve a self-organizing group of magicians. Because in the end, that is what the team members are: magicians. Each bringing their own unique qualities and knowledge for the better of all” is how Ali Hajou, SPCT and Chairman of the RTE Summit 2021 explains the key role RTEs play in reimagining structures.


First-class ticket to RTE qualification

“RTE in a Week” combines the knowledge to obtain official certification as an RTE with a direct introduction to an extensive and rich network of experienced peers from a wide array of industries. As Ali Hajou, SPCT and Chairman of RTE Summit 2021, puts it: “’RTE in a Week’ combines the best of both worlds for RTE’s seeking official certification and a direct introduction to a large network of experienced and likeminded people. We are expecting participants that are curious to learn from each other and keen to share tips and tricks on how to run their teams better. And what better way to do that than by learning from experts, immediately apply your knowledge and get certified right after?”

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Future-proof-ing your organisation requires skills and knowledge to drive the ART. The aim of “RTE in a Week” is to prepare you for any scenario through a program that is structured around exploring new strategies, innovative idea sharing and community growing. This is what you can expect from “RTE in a Week”:

Day 1 and 2 : the 6th annual RTE Summit

Day 3 : Understanding what the role of an RTE entails and how you can set yourself up for success

Day 4: How to run the ART and get a taste of planning your first Program Increment Planning

Day 5 : What is your role as a servant leader and how can you relentlessly improve on your ART.


RTE Summit will be hosted by The Railway Museum in Utrecht (The Netherlands), as a perfect metaphor for the work of an RTE: deliberate planning, aligning teams, reducing risks and creating continuous value streams.


Prepare to deliver impact

“For over 20 years, Agile has proven itself as the best practice in many industries. It is becoming the gold standard in increasing numbers of organizations, which implies an ocean of opportunities for RTE professionals” explains Ali Hajou. The comparison to more traditional organizational structures of control and command is easily made. Agility has given self-organizing teams undeniable benefits: increased productivity, measurable and predictable growth and higher adaptability.


If anything, last year has proven to be the ultimate case study to proof the need for agile ways of working. And with that, the need for a qualified RTE to drive the Agile Release Train (ART) by structuring multiple workflows, safeguard increments and continuously deliver each sprint. Underscoring the collaborative nature of the RTE role, Ali says “I used to say that embracing the role of RTE means becoming a servant leader. Your role is to bring humanity in a potentially stark and corporate world. Only by serving the teams through strong support and leadership, can an organization learn, experiment, excel and thrive. ‘RTE in a Week’ is the ultimate way to prepare you for a successful and accomplished mission.”


So jump on the train, make yourself comfortable in first class and secure one of the few places available on this unique journey to becoming a certified RTE!

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