“To think like a designer, learn to feel like your customer.”

Design thinking isn’t rocket science, says Riekes Beelen. “To get good at it does take some experience. What we teach in the new course, Design Thinking and Customer Journey Mapping is a great start, but you’ll get better over time – it’s a hands-on sport!”


Riekes Beelen is an educated service designer with ample experience at established brands, as well as a long history of training teams to think like he does.

“I’m a designer by nature, but I know what it’s like build the organization around the product as well. A few years back I Co-founded Fancal, a calendar app that is downloaded by more than 1 million users. I was also a consultant at [our sister company] BlinkLane Consulting, but my heart was in the design itself. Now I can combine all three passions: entrepreneurism, Design thinking and training. Come join in!”

Customers demand better services

Thinking like a designer is a vital skill set for product owners and entrepreneurs, but Riekes Beelen sees how valuable the framework can be for anyone in any line of business every day. “Customers everywhere are expecting businesses to adopt new technology and adapt to new possibilities like never before. Even if no competitors in your segment are moving, business in other sectors is. Customers no longer accept it if your brand refuses to listen and move with the times… luckily we can help.”


What’s in the box

The course comes jam-packed with all the tools and methodology to confidently base a product vision on real customer narratives and journeys.


Design thinking

Beelen: “Starting with the well-known chain of iterative design development, we take participants on a journey of their own. From empathizing with their customer to test ideas in the real world. Design thinking is a process of diverging into many possibilities and then converging through elimination. It’s an elegant process that logically leads to clarity for features and product vision.


Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is the Ring to bind them all together: shadowing your users in how they use the product. It’s such a valuable tool… if you know what to look for in their behavior!”

To learn how to use customer journeys like a designer, he says, “You have to learn how to feel like your customer. Capture the little and the larger frustrations that emerge when using the product – and find the desires behind them. When you join for the training, you take your own product or service and work out the customer journey right there and then. It’s an eye-opening experience every time – and something participants say they’ll never forget afterwards!”


More information?

Design Thinking and Customer Journey Mapping is a newly developed course by Gladwell Academy. To learn more, download the brochure or visit our website.


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