UMS Consulting: “The new generation of employees embrace change.”

First-time Platinum partners to the RTE Summit UMS consulting are ready to share their experience with end-to-end transformations. Senior Manager Roger Balcombe and Partner Frank Rill will present together alongside the global stainless-steel manufacturer, Outokumpu.

UMS Consulting is an established brand with over 30 years of experience. While Lean and ‘end-to-end’ transformations are their bread-and-butter business, they recently adopted SAFe as a fitting addition to their consulting range. “Companies today are challenged by the fast pace of change around them, and the next generation of employees expects companies to embrace change like they do.” they explain.


Energising people and organisations

“We see ourselves as the enablers of transformation. And considering our strong history and experience with end-to-end and Lean, SAFe is the perfect link between our area of expertise and Agility.

“SAFe integrates the ‘autonomous team’ from Agile theory into the broader context. People tend to equate ‘autonomy’ and ‘self-organization’, but we distinguish between the two. Our experience with pure, ‘autonomous’ Agile teams has been that they often have little sense of overall purpose: zealously self-focussed, they become decoupled from the organisation’s bigger picture. This is one of the reasons we prefer SAFe over other Agile approaches: SAFe favours ‘self-organization in an overarching context’ driven by end-to-end over the ‘raw’ autonomy of strictly Agile teams.”



“What we’ve seen with our customers is that Agile is slowly moving away from the traditional IT industry. There’s a steady increase in the need for adaptation and flexibility and we certainly see potential here. Our work with Outokumpu undoubtedly showcases this. At the RTE Summit, their Senior Vice President for European Operations, Dr Oliver Picht will take the audience on a transformational journey through the challenges, values and lean lessons when trying to create a strong end-to end focus and achieve step by step Agility in the Steel industry.


Visiting the RTE Summit

“The RTE Summit is very valuable to us: an RTE has unique challenges to face, so being able to have a conversation and meet RTEs and learn from their personal experiences is very beneficial. We also believe we can share our own experience. Having worked together with mass production companies, we’ve learnt that you need to speak their language and find common ground, while still trying to enable the best decisions for the company. We see certain parallels with the RTE’s role here!”

Become a part of the conversation

If you want to hear more about how UMS Consulting helps companies scale Agility, following their mostly German clientele across the globe … come to this year’s RTE summit! Be sure to purchase your tickets if you want to join!


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