Voices from the classroom: “SAFe is an egalitarian model”

Gladwell Academy’s “Leading SAFe” course with instructor Boris de Jong was one of its first courses to move to a remote setting following social distancing measures. We reached out to a former participant to get their thoughts on the experience and what they learned.


SAFe methods to encourage SAFe thinking

“When I took the remote Leading SAFe course, I was surprised by how much I actually learned! In conventional courses it’s easier to ‘hide in the crowd’ and just cruise through the course while a handful of people participate. However, this remote course is built up so that everyone has to participate.”

“A great example of this more active participation was how the course used Mural, an online whiteboard tool. I found that being able to visualize tasks and track ideas as a class really encourages a learning mindset. We were able to put roles and tasks into boxes, and then saw how we connect the dots using SAFe. Mural really helped to level the playing field, so it wasn’t always the same colleagues who were contributing.”

“Overall, I’d say that the remote format was in some ways superior to an in-person class. SAFe seems to be based on an egalitarian model, everyone provides their own important contributions, and the remote course reflects that idea.”


Jumping into SAFe

“Of course, the content of the course was great as well. It was challenging, as SAFe is well outside my working experience. It was a bit of a leap to dive right in.”

“Despite the challenge, I feel I’ve learned a lot. The biggest benefit I see early on is seeing how we can transcend the traditional team unit. It’s already changed how I approach tasks and manage my workflow, and I’m working to share this new mindset with the rest of my team.”

“I’m really motivated to introduce SAFe to the rest of my team, but so far I’m still the ‘lone nut.’ I can only do so much on my own at this point, so the best thing might be for more members of my team to take the course too that way we can all speak the same language.”


Just getting started

“I’m already excited to be taking more courses. Particularly the ‘SAFe Scrum Master,’ that way I can really lead my team to adopt SAFe. They’re really experienced, but this has left them with the classic ‘if it works, why change’ mindset. I want to be able to show them how useful SAFe can be, how it can make their work even better. More SAFe training seems to be the best way to do that.”


SAFe for not so Safe times

Don’t let the perceived ‘limitations’ of remote training be an obstacle to changing the way you work. Gladwell Academy continues to offer a wide variety of Agile, and SAFe courses remotely. Find one that fits you and your organization today!


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