“We develop our hardware like a start-up, because we are one.”- Daan Geldermans, SKOON

“If established developers want to learn how start-ups design new products these days, come to us,“ says Daan Geldermans. He’s a founder at SKOON, a start-up that’s pioneering in large containerized batteries that can replace diesel generators. “We’re doing everything ourselves, and it gives us exactly the flexible approach that’s so much in demand.”

“We’re a young company, started in 2017 to research the business case for battery-powered shipping. We developed the SKOONBOX, a standard TEU size container filled with industrial batteries that’s easy to replace and recharge. Damen Shipyards has invested in us because we both see a strong future for battery-powered shipping.


New business case

Well, SKOON is bound to make some serious waves in shipping in the near future. We’re currently researching ferries and domestic shipping for example. But for many maritime purposes today, we had to conclude that the business case isn’t quite there yet. Diesel is still too cheap, and batteries are too heavy. When that changes – and it will, we all know that – we’ll be there.

For now, we did find an altogether different, promising different business case. We’re positioning SKOON in the mobile entertainment area – ie. open air festivals – where mobile and temporary power is crucial and regular diesel generators are both harmful to the environment and often too loud.”


Just do it!

“When we develop and test the SKOONBOX, a lot of how we work is shaped by how young our company is and how fluid the division of work is – our roles and functions. I hope to inspire those present with our trial-and-error tactics and with the ease with which we involve with external experts from the development community. It’s a genuine can-do, just-do-it attitude, and something the proprietary, efficiency-focused habits at AAA companies can learn from, I think.”


Meet Daan Geldermans at Agile for Hardware

The upcoming Gladwell Academy event Agile for Hardware on July 2ndwill feature a strong line-up of pioneering agents in various hardware industries. Tickets are starting to sell, so be sure to reserve your seat here if you want to attend!


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