“We handed everyone the Scrum Guide and we started.”-Jan van der Tempel, Ampelmann

We’re excited that triple founder and original thinker Jan van der Tempel will contribute to Agile for Hardware. Here, he takes a moment to give some insight in his journey towards Agile development and his planned case study presentation.


The first thing maritime entrepreneur Jan van der Tempel and some forward-thinking colleagues did to introduce Agile principles and processes to his three off-shore businesses, was to give all their co-workers copies of the Scrum Guide for Christmas.


Three Agile pioneers

This year, he’s visiting Agile for Hardware to show how Agile thinking powers radically innovative hardware development at Ampelmann, global champion in motion-compensating gangways; at DOT, growing start-up in offshore energy solutions; and at De Oude Bibliotheek – a training hub for engineering professionals.


Back to the wild days

“When we started the first company, Ampelmann, we were practically still students at uni. Working from Delft Tech University, working without knowing how businesses were supposed to work. We just did things. It was wild, we made mistakes, but we came up with powerful ideas and we built them right then and there. Now with 400 co-workers at Ampelmann spread out across 10 countries, we thought how can we re-introduce that wild, explorative vibe?


Rethinking turbines

We’ve made serious progress since we began handing out the Scrum Guide for Christmas. At Ampelmann, but also at De Oude Bibliotheek and especially at DOT. DOT is Delft Offshore Turbine, and it’s a radical rethink of conventional offshore wind turbines. You know how they’re manufactured: with a bulky generator in the top component: top-heavy and cumbersome? Well, not anymore.”


Cutting metal

“You can’t rethink an offshore wind turbine without cutting sheet metal at some point. You have to test your ideas. But that’s costly and it takes time. Other components are more off-the-shelf, so they’re easy to order. Managing this complexity of procurement in an Agile way has been a game changer for our research budget. That’s perhaps the most spectacular part of my upcoming contribution.”


Meet Jan van der Tempel and learn from his experience

Pioneers like Jan van der Tempel are coming to Agile for Hardware on July 2nd. Gain inspiration from him and other original thinkers in various hardware industries such as ASML and Signify. Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to reserve your seat here if you want to attend!


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