Working with Dr. Kraus & Partner is an adventure

With awareness about Agility on the rise in Germany, at Gladwell Academy we’d love to share our experience and hands-on training approach with ambitious organizations from northernmost Rügen island to the southern city of Konstanz. Joining us on that journey is German consultancy firm Dr. Kraus & Partner, whose senior Agile consultant Guido Wiggerink recently visited Agile Munich in May.


“We’re looking forward to building a presence in the market for Agile training in Germany together, sharing the benefits as we grow,” says Guido. “There’s a lot to gain for both of us; we’re strong in change management and related consulting, and Gladwell Academy has its track record in training Agility at scale through the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The twin strengths complement each other.”


German momentum

“The German Agile momentum has really been gaining steam in recent years, with many major businesses realizing that the Agile mindset is a must-have in today’s corporate landscape. We have some expertise in building Agility at a smaller scale at Dr. Kraus & Partner; my team of ‘Agile Transformers’ was born from our ambition in this area. But we can’t compare with the depth of experience at Gladwell Academy.”


Fear in an Agile context

“Working with Gladwell Academy gives Dr. Kraus & Partner a partner with a strong track record in SAFe,” Guido continues. “Meanwhile, Gladwell Academy gains access to our German network and knowledge of doing business here. For the time being we’re taking an iterative, intuitive approach: I enjoyed visiting Agile Munich last May, presenting on the subject of Fear in the context of an Agile transformation. We’re also training several ‘Leading SAFe’ classes together this year.”


Training-consulting proposition

Gladwell Academy CEO Miranda Goossens also embraces the opportunity of teaming up with Dr. Kraus & Partner, a highly regarded German consultancy firm: “Being able to provide our trainings with the help of their native German trainers is the quick win. Long-term opportunities lie in co-developing dual services in training-consulting; their knowledge of change management and corporate culture really goes well with our own more program-oriented approach. It’s something to look forward to.”

She continues: “As a first attempt at that kind of collaboration we’re involved in a substantial opportunity with a leading German brand together. What the outcome will be here remains to be seen, but who knows what else awaits around the corner if that one goes well.”

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