Your Route to RTE – Part 2: How far will you go?

In a role as newly-minted as that of SAFe Release Train Engineer there are still few practicing, certified RTEs, and no prescribed or clearly-defined career paths to becoming RTE. But there are trends in the pathways to this very significant senior role according to Andres Jansen, Senior Trainer, interim RTE at ASML and Founder of the RTE Summit. And right now, the two main career routes to becoming RTE are via the program side (PM, PL and the like); or from the (Advanced) Scrum Master (ASM/SM) side, with the vast majority coming along the program route.


Two Paths, One Destination: Becoming a Professional, Certified RTE

Whichever path has brought you to being a practicing RTE, the SAFe Release Train Engineer Certification Training is an essential qualification; recognized internationally, it can give those who pass the certification exam vastly expanded career horizons. “There’s a big demand for this role worldwide, so this certification unlocks a lot of new opportunities – it’s quite a unique qualification for your CV,” says Andres.

It also offers you entrance into a fast-growing but still unique world: that of the RTE, a rare breed of individual who combines the qualities of servant leadership with a relentless focus on efficiency and process improvement.

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Exclusively RTE – The RTE Summit

The best way to meet other RTEs may be the RTE Summit.“It is the only event where literally, it’s all Release Train Engineers,” says Andres, who founded the rapidly-growing RTE Summit in 2015. “This is really cool. You know everyone in the room has 0-5 years’ experience as RTE, and that creates a kind of entrepreneurial, exciting environment. We can all talk freely and share our experiences openly. No one has to defend themselves, to ‘sell Agile’ or to persuade the skeptics.”

“At the RTE Summit we are all peers, therefore we can be wholly open about what is really hampering or hindering us, what we’ve learned and how we are improving  – and you can’t always do that in your organization.”


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Certified RTEAbout the author: Andres Jansen

Andres is Senior Trainer at Gladwell Academy. He is SAFe Program Consultant Trainer Candidate (SPCT) and thought leader ‘Agile in Control’. He inspires controllers and auditors in leading enterprises like Schiphol, AirFrance and national financial institutions, with his framework to improve grip, defining Agile-KPIs and Transformation Dashboards.


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