Top 4 Benefits of SAFe Certification

What is the value of SAFe certification training? In terms of monetary and non-monetary benefits, does it really help people's career? Agile methodologies such as SAFe are among the most promising and useful methodologies available.

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SAFe Adoption for 2022

Organizations are in the midst of profound transformation due to Digital disruption. Whether the teams are reactive or proactive, optimistic or pessimistic, they view the continuous change brought about by Digital Transformation as Continuous Disruption or Continuous Next.


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What is SAFe? (Scaled Agile Framework) part 2

In the previous blog about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), I explained the Scaled Agile Framework in its most elementary form and why it’s gaining such popularity in large organizations. Now we’ll dive into the available content and the application of the framework itself.

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What is SAFe? (Scaled Agile Framework) part 1

In my previous two blogs I explained the challenges to and solutions for scaling Agile. In this blog I’ll discuss the best-known Agile scale-up model: the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe, the acronym for Scaled Agile Framework, is probably the most widely encompassing framework of all the Agile frameworks. SAFe was published in 2011 by management consultant and software developer Dean Leffingwell, and is promoted worldwide by publisher Scaled Agile.

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